Wintouch Tab Q76 – under $100 Android tablet unboxing

While I was in Dubai, I couldn’t resist from purchasing a super-cheap Android tablet called Wintouch Tab Q76 – 7″ Mobile Internet Device. This tablet is manufactured in China. Together with leather case and USB keyboard + USB cable its price was $80. Model Q75 was even cheaper – about $10, and it has a HDMI port, but lacked front camera.

What we think about this device? It somewhat works, and when “warms up” it is even possible to read email and play some games. However, we do not think that this is a good idea to buy this tabled as a primary workhorse. Compared to Archos 101, Wintouch Q76 has a much better touch responsiveness.

Some images of internals @ XDA Developers.

Some photos and screenshots are below.

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  1. Hello, I also have a Wintouch Q76 tab, I want to root it, and furthermore install a new custom rom. Could you teach me how to do it? Here’s my e-mail: [DEL] I hope you will respond. Thanks!

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