SD Bench v2.2 is available

A1 SD bench logo

A new version of A1 SD Bench is available in the Google Play. As always free and without ads. Thank you all for your feedback and bug reports. As USBs OTG are becoming popular, we are adding even more compatible devices. If your device’s USB is not recognized, please send us feedback from within app!
Also, due to bad user experience, we are beginning to slowly remove differentiation between External and Internal SD Cards. There is no official API to detect which card is Internal and which card is External, so sorry if it worked for your device. It didn’t worked for many phones and tablets.
What’s New in v2.2.0

  • New: Initial support for “Android L (Preview)”; fixes FC
  • Fixed: Custom location enabling/disabling caused false UI glitch
  • Improved: Supports many more USB and OTG devices
  • Improved: Added G.Skill SD cards
  • Improved: More devices are recognized
  • Improved: Misc improvements
  • Changed: Internal and External cards are shown simply as SD Card

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