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A1 CPU Tool v1.0.0 released

A1 CPU Tool logo

Upgrade from v0.9.1 to v1.0.0 is available in the Google Play store. This version adds some useful information about your phone’s battery, as well as many more phone models are added.

What’s New in v1.0.0

  • New: Battery info – level, temperature, voltage and type
  • Improved: Togglable header
  • Improved: Detects about 1,000 phone & tablet models
  • Improved: UI fixes and minor tweaks

Problem with A1 CPU Tool? Send us your feedback!
More notes: a1dev.com/cpu-tool/notes/


A new app — A1 CPU Tool released

Today we are proudly announcing release of the Android utility — A1 CPU Tool.

A1 CPU Tool is a visual CPU tool to monitor time CPU spends in each frequency and Deep Sleep. Get the latest version from Play Store.


  • Free, and without Ads
  • Monitor CPU load in real-time
  • Shows all available CPU frequencies
  • Shows total time spent in each processor frequency
  • Highlights active frequency/frequencies the CPU spent in last 1000 ms (1 sec)
  • Hide, show and combine any CPU frequency (MHz)
  • Customizable automatic filter threshold
  • Hide all inactive frequencies at once
  • Nice looking, clean, fast, responsive & intuitive UI (User Interface)

Quick CPU info tool:

  • Detects processor name, governor and CPU core count
  • CPU up-time (time spent while doing work)
  • CPU time asleep / Deep Sleep
  • Minimum-Maximum / High-Low frequencies
  • List of unused processor frequencies (but supported by kernel)

Most of the processors are supported including single-core, dual-core and latest quad-core CPUs; most of the major phone models and brands are supported – Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, LG, Asus, Motorola, Alps, Huawei, Fujitsu, ZTE, Acer, Lenovo, Nvidia, etc.


  • Problem with A1 CPU Tool? Send us your feedback using Send Feedback feature from the Settings screen, or http://a1dev.com/feedback/
  • Inspired from CPU Spy by Brandon Valosek
  • More notes: a1dev.com/cpu-tool/notes/

P.S. This is first public release, and the version number is v0.9.

Screenshots (tap on each to see the full image):