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We got a new test device – LG G3 D855 32 GB

We got a new testing device – LG G3 (international model D855) with 32GB internal memory and 3GB RAM. It seems, that this is Asia’s model, not European. Manufactured Nov 2014, with Android version 4.4.2, LG Software version V10m-TWN-XX.

To root we used: PurpleDrake-Lite!
Then use this tutorial to Bump: Bump! Workaround for the LG G3 Locked Bootloader – XDA TV.
And do not forget to backup your stock ROM and all the partitions, including both EFS (your IMEI, etc.).

If you have only 64GB and 128GB MicroSD memory cards available (like us), then to workaround TWRP limitation (it does not support exFAT), use USB-OTG cable with any USB Flash drive (smaller than 64GB and formatted with FAT32). See image gallery for more details.

We used USB OTG cable and flash drive to install Cloudyfa’s ROM for LG G3, version 2.1 from TWRP. It comes with Aroma installer, and setup is very straightforward.

And at the end the new Google’s Android 5.0 (Lollipop) surprised us – it does not like the password provided by Google Two Factor authentication (aka App passwords). It shows error message: “Please enter your Google Account password”. It means that it recognizes your App password, but does not like it. It may be related to the fact, that two factor auth is built into Lollipop. Go figure…

LG G Watch R (W110) unboxing photos + video

We just got our second smartwatch — LG G Watch R (W110). It is one of the two round watches available in the market. And this one has passive OLED display, which means, it can be put in the active mode — display is on all the time. But it lacks an ambient light sensor, so you need to play with the active and passive brightness settings to get comfortable feel for all lightning conditions.

I recommend app called WatchMaker. There you can use one of the standard watch faces, or create custom based on preset. Because all watchfaces was somewhat bloated, I created very minimalistic one for me. See the last photos in the gallery. BTW, I paid for premium features (whatever that means).

Photo gallery and boot animation video below.