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Black Pressy + Keychain — unboxing photos


We have received our Pressies (at last). It works, but also has many problems. Volume gets messed up when Pressy is inserted. For example, Notification volume is very low, and only way to increase it, is by adjusting the Media volume (very awkward). When Pressy is removed, the original Android volume behavior is restored.

Also, when device is locked, some tasks/actions somewhat work, others are being activated only on the first click of Power or Home button.

More rant:

  • They ask for the email address (Really? Email, or the button does not work)
  • Stupid activation code… (Impossible to resell?)
  • Need to disable PageBuddyNotiSvc, to remove notification about earphones
  • Does not work with Google Now and S Voice

On the other hand, Android device can be extended by one more button. And it is nice. For example, you can setup Pressy to start CPU Tool on tree short clicks 🙂

Pressy App run CPU tool on 3 clicks
Pressy App run CPU tool on 3 clicks

BTW, Pressy app has rating of full 3 stars in the Play Store.

Pressy app - 3 stars
Pressy app – 3 stars

So for now, one Pressy is heavily used, other is lying in the drawer. Anyway, thank you Nimrod Back & Boaz Mendel for the innovation!