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A1 SD Bench v2.0.0 released

A1 SD bench logo

A new version of SD Bench is available for download in Google Play Store. This is a major release with two new benchmarks added — Accurate and Random I/O. Both are two step benchmarks and require reboot to clear Android SD card / disk cache. Many fixes and tweaks are also available.

New in v2.0.0:

  • Accurate benchmark
  • Random I/O benchmark, with 4KB blocks
  • Long press on each item for more options
  • Fixed: On some very fast devices benchmark was slightly incorrect
  • Fixed: Number thousand separators for some devices
  • Improved: Detects about 1,000 phone & tablet models
  • Improved: Detects even more USB and SD card locations
  • Improved: Rearranged settings + new items added
  • Improved: Added non-standard media permissions
  • Improved: UI fixes and minor tweaks