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A1 SD Bench v2.0.0 released

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A new version of SD Bench is available for download in Google Play Store. This is a major release with two new benchmarks added — Accurate and Random I/O. Both are two step benchmarks and require reboot to clear Android SD card / disk cache. Many fixes and tweaks are also available.

New in v2.0.0:

  • Accurate benchmark
  • Random I/O benchmark, with 4KB blocks
  • Long press on each item for more options
  • Fixed: On some very fast devices benchmark was slightly incorrect
  • Fixed: Number thousand separators for some devices
  • Improved: Detects about 1,000 phone & tablet models
  • Improved: Detects even more USB and SD card locations
  • Improved: Rearranged settings + new items added
  • Improved: Added non-standard media permissions
  • Improved: UI fixes and minor tweaks


More than 500,000 benchmarks submitted


We are proud to announce, that today the 500,000th benchmark score was submitted using our Android app called SD Bench. We launched SD Bench almost a year ago – Oct 20, 2012 and in less than a year we already have the half a million benchmarks. Thank you all for the submitting your scores!

It is interesting to see the various statistics submitted by our users (not very scientific, but gives a good overview):

  • Statistics overview – currently shows 501,191 so far, and counting. The last submit was only 7 minutes ago, and 2,331 database entries was recorded in last 24 hours.
  • Android versions – shows that the most popular version is 4.1.2 with 28%, and all 4.x versions has 77% share of all android devices.
  • Phone manufacturers – shows that Samsung has 52% market share. And Phone models – leader is Samsung Galaxy S III.
  • Real-time results are also interesting to watch. And if using from your Android phone, tablet or other device, you score is highlighted.
Scan to get this app
Scan to get this app

A1 SD Bench v1.1 introduces Cached reads

Today we have released a new version of SD Bench.
We didn’t plan to release this early, however thanks to your feedback we have added a new Speed Test / Benchmark category — Cached reads. Cached reads are reads that fully or partially comes from the RAM cache instead of SD card or phone memory. These results belongs to neither RAM, nor flash memory, so we created a new category.
From Wikipedia:

In computer science, a cache is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster.

The keyword here is “Faster”. Now we have 3 separate speed categories:

  1. RAM – the fastest.
  2. Cached reads – middle.
  3. SD cards and other flash storages – the slowest.

Other changes in this version:

  • New: Handling “cached reads”
  • New: Manual submit
  • New: Keep screen on & prevent screen timeout
  • Improved: Result page (nicer & zoom option)
  • Improved: Popular phone model name detection
  • Improved: Longer tests are longer now
  • Improved: About & Settings
  • Fixed: Result screen rotation crash (FC)
  • Fixed: Normalized decimal point usage
  • Fixed: Some misspells


A1 SD Bench screenshots

SD Bench speed test results