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Motorola Power Pack Micro 1500 unboxing photos

We just got another device — Motorola Power Pack Micro (Dark Canvas edition) with a 1500 mAh of capacity. It is directly plugable into your Android device, and is somewhat compromise between size / weight and power capacity.

Also, it features some tracking features…

Never run out of Power. Never lose your phone or keys again.
Charge any micro USB-powered device and get backup when you need it. Use built-in Motorola Keylink to find your misplaced phone or keys anywhere up to 30 meters from where you are… Motorola

Photos below…

ANKER 5-Port 40W 8A Desktop Charger – unboxing images


We just bought ANKER 5-Port Desktop Charger (40W 8A), to charge multiple USB devices from the single charger / wall socket. This gadget has max 8 ampere electric current – 4/5 times more than regular charger, so it can power up to 5 devices with full power / speed charge.

ANKER claims that with its IQ function, devices can charge faster than with “regular/universal” chargers.


Tronsmart CX-919 and Air Mouse iMove unboxing photos

We have yet another test device. Tronsmart CX-919 USB TV stick with android 4.2 and 4.4.2, HDMI output, and optional Air Mouse called iMove (identical to RC11). To power it directly from TV we use Delock USB Y cable, see photos below.

Stock ROM replaced with Finless ROM.
We are a little bit unlucky, because we have a stick with RK3188-T CPU. Also, we (as many others) can not use original Finless 1.6 ROM, because of HDMI flickering. Currently using Android KitKat 4.4.2 BETA.

Also note, that TV stick is recognized as GT-I9300. This is a hack, to allow install more apps in Play Store.